Whale Just Turned $78K Into $150K. Bet Of The Week Is Today

Here’s a Whale recap: I continue on my dominating winning streak that has now stretched to $71,767.09 in profits! In just the last 4 days alone, I have taken $78,000 and turned it into $150,000! Check this out:
On July 2nd, I bet $78,000 and cashed out $94,387
On July 3rd, I bet $92,750 and cashed out $113,081.89
On July 4th, I bet $107,394 and cashed out $140,887.33
On July 5th, I bet $37,250 and cashed out $38,804.87
Add it up: That’s 4 consecutive winning days and a total of $71,767.09 in profits, turning $78K into $150K. My mission is to run this up to over a million dollars this month. Since the start of the 2018 MLB season, I’m currently up a total of $119,730.01. I’m in the midst of what could be the very beginning of the next monster winning streak.
Last month, I went on a 21-day winning run that saw me took $26,000 and turned it into more than $326,000. This month, my goal is to make over a million dollars off the current winning streak.
Today, I plan to bet over $100,000 on my picks as I accelerate on my mission to show you a winning streak of a million dollars. I’ll show you all the tickets and results as they come in.
This month, my goal is to show you a million-dollar winning streak. In fact, that winning streak may have already started. Check out my current winning streak:
  • At the start of this week on Monday July 2nd: I wagered a total of $78,000 and ended up cashing out $94,387 for winning profit of $16,387.
  • The next day on Tuesday July 3rd: I accelerated and wagered $92,750 on my picks, and ended up getting paid out $113,081.89 by the day’s end for a winning profit of $20,331.89. So in just 2 days, you saw me take $78,000 and turned that into $114,718.89.
  • On Day 3: I accelerated again, betting a total of $107,394 on my picks, and ended up cashing out $140,887.33. That’s a winning profit of $33,493.33 in one day.
  • Yesterday on Day 4: I wagered $37,250 on just 3 picks in a combination of a round robin and straight bets, and cashed out $38,804.87 for a net winnings of $1,554.87.
Do the math: On Day 1 I profited $16,387. On Day 2 I profited $20,331.89. On Day 3 I profited $33,493.33. On Day 4 I profited $1,554.87. That’s a net total profit of $71,767.09 in just the last 4 days of betting on sports. I started with $78,000 in my hands on Monday, and by Thursday, I had already turned that into nearly $150,000!
My  next goal is to show you a million-dollar winning streak. If all goes well, you could see me win a million dollars in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, I can’t wait to show it all to you as it happens.
Remember: The best time to Tail The Whale is when I’m hot. Right now, I look primed to go on my next big winning streak. The patterns look like they are aligning right now, and these are the times when I can go on my big streaks. In just the last 4 days, I have now won a total of nearly $72K. Not a bad start to what could become a monster run.
All the signs are strongly showing right now that this could very well be the start of my next monster winning streak. Last month, I took just $26,000 on my hands and turned it into $326,000 just 3 weeks later, and you saw it happened with your own eyes.
This month, my goal is to show you how I can run this up to over a million dollars. Join hands now with me, and you can start tailing one of the most successful sports bettors, ever.
Today, I will ramp up my action once again. Expect me to bet $100,000+ today on my picks as I accelerate on my mission to show you how it’s possible to win millions from betting on sports.
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To your success,
The Sports Betting Whale

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