Today’s NFL Game Prediction: Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams – Football Expert Pick for January, 03, 2021.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams, NFC West game. The most important game of the season for the Rams. It is not an easy game, it is the last of the regular season and without a victory it could be the last of the year. The Rams have a positive record in second place in the division. But for this game the team will have another quarterback to seek victory. The Cardinals are not aspiring to anything serious, but there are several scenarios that would benefit the team to reach the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals: We are alive.

The Cardinals have a positive record at 8-7-0 this season. Last week the team lost to the 49ers at home 12-20. That loss was painful, if the Cardinals had won they would already be in the playoffs. But the team has one last chance. A win against the Rams is the key to getting through the playoff door. The advantage the Cardinals have this time around is that the Rams are weakened by injuries and coronavirus.

On the road the Cardinals are scoring an average of 25.29 points per game, 31.29 rushes with 150.14 rush yards, 23.14 passes completed and 221.57 pass yards. In the last two quarters the team is scoring an average of 13.14 points per game. The defense allows up to 18 points per game, 27.57 rushes and 123.43 rush yards. Drake leads the rushing attack with 229 rushes, 919 yards and 10 touch downs.

Kyler Murray is active and ready to play this afternoon against the Rams. Murray had to leave the game last week due to a leg injury. So far 367/547 passes completed, 67.09% effective, 3884 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. 94.3 overall rating, 131 personal rushes for 816 yards and 11 touchdowns. This season against the Rams, Murray lost a game 28-38 with 3 touchdowns and an interception at home.

Los Angeles Rams: All or nothing for the playoffs.

The Rams know that if they lose this game it will be the end of the season for them. The setting for the Rams is a win over the Cardinals or expect the Bears to lose to the Packers. But the problem is that the Rams arrive injured for this last chance. The team has its two best players injured. Henderson (138 rushes, 5 touchdowns) and Kupp (Covid, 92 receptions and 3 touchdowns. Also, Jared Goff is in the operating room (thumb surgery) and will not be the starting QB for this game.

At home the Rams are scoring an average of 21.14 points per game, 29.86 rushes with 129.14 rush yards, 21.71 passes completed and 206.71 pass yards. With Henderson and Kupp absent, the team doesn’t have many options for a strong attack at home. The defense allows up to 14.43 points at home, 26.29 rushes with 106.57 rush yards. 1-2 in the last three games at home.

John Wolford will be the starting quarterback for the final week. The only statistics available are with Wake Forest. 761/1275 passes completed, 59.7% effective, 8794 yards, 59 touchdowns with 41 interceptions. In his last two years with Wake Forest, John went to two bowls. He has been a professional since 2018 when he was signed by the Jets. His only official game was in preseason with the Jets playing the Eagles.

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