Today’s NBA Conference Finals Game Prediction: Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – May 27, 2018

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, today is the night, the final of the Eastern Conference, everyone knows that the Celtics play better at home, they are a much more complete team when playing in Boston, but the Cavaliers do not want to lose the final and do everything the possible to win and reach the Finals against Rockets or Warriors.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Today we can destroy the Celtics.

Getting to Boston 3-3 has been a miracle for the Cavs, playing against the Celtics was not easy, on the road the team has suffered a lot, the Celtics are lethal at home and have not lost a single game at home during the playoffs. The Cavs lost the first two games in Boston, all by more than 12 points, a shame for the team.

On the road the Cavs are scoring an average of 108.2 points per game, the defense is pessimistic and allows the same number of points to the host team. The strength of the Cavs on the road is the 3-pointers with 37% of effectiveness. During the playoffs the Cavs have won only 3 games on the road of 8 totals, on the road in the playoffs has been the worst moment for the Cavs this season.

Boston Celtics: Tonight we can move to the finals.

Celtics has an almost perfect game at home, all home games during the playoffs have been solid victories, the Bucks knew how lethal the celtics are in the first round of the playoffs, then it was the 76ers’ turn that was the only team that came to do some damage at home of the Celtics but without winning the game.

The final game against the Cavs at home ended 96-83, certainly the Cavs have figured out how to prevent the Celtics score more points and get a considerable advantage. The Celtics at home score up to 106.1 points on average, 37.1% 3-pointers and 77.2 free throws. In this game we will see many 3-pointers from both teams.

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