Today’s MLB Game Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Mets – Baseball Pick for May, 29, 2019

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Mets, third game in the series. The inexperienced happened last night, the Mets won the second game of the series. The first run in the game was for the Mets in the third inning, although the Dodgers quickly took the lead. The Mets’ dominance in the first game was absolute, Rich Hill could not do anything against. The Dodgers could only score three runs but it was not enough to win at home.

Los Angeles Dodgers: We do not want to be humiliated at home.

The Dodgers still have a good record at home now with 20-7. But the first game in this series was a failure. In the low of the third inning the Dodgers were winning 2-1. But they could barely score another run in the bottom of the seventh inning to close the game 7-3. A painful defeat against the Mets. The first game they won with some problems 9-5 and in this second game the same problems became worse.

At home the Dodgers scored 9 runs in the first game against the Mets. So far the average at home is 5.67 runs per game, 3.81 walks, 9.11 hits, 1.74 home runs and 14.93 left on base. Between the first and second games of the series the Dodgers allowed 12 runs. The defense is allowing up to 3.52 runs per game, 1.81 walks, 8.78 strike outs and 1.15 home runs.

Walker Buehler tonight will open the third game of the series. The team is looking for a victory tonight to win the series. Buehler has five victories in six games, ten games as a starter. 3.58 Era, 55.1 pitched innings, 47 hits, 26 runs, 5 home runs, 52 strike outs, 1,048 WHIP. Buehler’s last home win was against the Braves 5-3.

New York Mets: We can do it again.

The Mets after winning last night improved slightly the record with twelve wins in thirty games. The Mets also ended up with a losing streak of six games since May 15 when they lost against the Nationals 1-5. The team scored in the third, fourth, seventh and eighth innings. The defense was good. Michael Conforto was the best player of the Mets with 1 Run, 1 Hit and 5 RBI. 10 total hits for the Mets in the game.

The Mets on the road average remains the same with 4.27 runs per game, 3.27 walks, 8.67 hits, 1.00 home runs and 14.57 left on base. The defense is good when you want, but for now they still allow up to 5.13 runs per game, 3.17 walks, 8.47 strike outs, 9.20 hits, 1.30 home runs and 14.53 left on base.

Noah Syndergaard, this season Noah is the second best pitcher in the Mets. Three victories in seven games, eleven games as a starter. 4.93 Era, 69.1 pitched innings, 72 hits, 41 runs, 10 home runs, 72 strike outs and 1,255 WHIP. The last victory for Noah was against the Nats 6-2, but that series lost 2-1.


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