The Sports Betting Whale Explains Why Wagering on UFC, MMA, and Boxing Is So Profitable. Currently 19-1 Run

It was a good day today! I won my NHL Round Robin 3 out of 3, and won 2 out of 3 on my NBA and college basketball Round Robins to jump up +22.08 units for the day! Overall, my picks went for 7-2 today, and you can see fully documented records at The Whale Tracker.
Now, there’s a UFC event happening tonight, and if you’ve been following my UFC picks lately, it seems as if I can’t lose! I’m currently 19-1 on my last 20 UFC picks. Take a look below. Here are my last 20 UFC picks and the corresponding results:

11/4/2017   TJ Dillashaw +165    WON!
11/4/2017   Ovince St. Preux -145    WON!
11/4/2017   Steven Thompson -170    WON!
11/4/2017   George St Pierre -110    WON!
11/11/2017   Clay Guida -125        WON!
11/11/2017   Marlon Moraes -105    WON!
11/11/2017   Sage Northcut -163    WON!
11/11/2017   Sean Strickland -300    WON!
11/11/2017   Cezar Ferreir -270    WON!
11/18/2017   Alex Volkanovski -650    WON!
11/18/2017   Elias Theodorou -300    WON!
11/18/2017   Fabricio Werdum -325    WON!
11/25/2017   Kevin Gastelum -270    WON!
11/25/2017   Li Jingliang -200    WON!
12/2/2017     Max Holloway -278 WON!
12/2/2017     Francis Ngannou -218 WON!
12/2/2017     Henry Cejudo -295 WON!
12/2/2017     Alex Oliveira -267 Lost
12/2/2017     Justin Willis -212 WON!
12/2/2017     Felice Herrig -145 WON!
That’s 19 wins and 1 single loss in my last 20 UFC picks for a 95% win rate! Interestingly, that still doesn’t even come close to a historic run in the past when I picked 30 straight UFC winners.
Take a look below at a number of heartfelt testimonials from people who have been betting on the UFC picks, and the kind of towering winnings they’re making hands-free week after week.
Here are just some of the comments that have recently poured in:
“The Whale’s UFC picks are AWESOME. I’m totally amazed and surprised on his win streak so far. I’m looking forward to seeing him continue to Dominate on his UFC picks and us going along for the ride. Since joining I made over $5,000.” – Jerome L.

“I am about 10-0 [with The Whale’s UFC picks]” – Tobias B.

“​Incredible winning streak that The Whale has going.  To pick this many winners is phenomenal” – David D.

“Awesome!!  The whales selection are right on.  Im excited to watch these fights knowing I have the power of the whale on my side.   Selections are amazing that he knows these fighters and how they match up!!  I have tripled my bank roll since starting and will keep riding the money train!!!   The Whale is The Man!!” – Roy V.

“Very very impressed at the win rate….who does that in Vegas..?? NOBODY…but the whale!!!!!” – Ron M.

Historically, I have won millions of dollars betting on combat sports. My win rate in picking winners in MMA, UFC, and boxing is the highest out of any major sport! One day when I finally reveal to you my true identity, you’ll understand why.
My stellar historical win rate in MMA, UFC, and boxing comes from the fact that such events are individual sports. In individual sports, the luck factor is minimized because you’re only dealing with one competitor versus another. Unlike team sports, I do’t have to account for the fact that in a team-based environment, there is an abundance of luck factors that can come into play when you have up to dozens of athletes playing in a competition.
In MMA, UFC, and boxing, I only have to account for one single competitor versus another. This minimizes the luck factor. I’ve tapped into this advantage to win millions in the past from betting on combat sports, and I can’t wait to help you also share into my success.

For more information about me and the sports betting successes I’ve had for the last 30 years, visit my main page at:

All the best,
The Sports Betting Whale

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