Going live NOW: The world’s first-ever FREE sports handicapping service!

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I have huge news for you:
Today is the official launch day of our brand new program: The World’s First-Ever 100% FREE Sports Handicapping Service!
Other handicapping services want you to pay upfront for their picks…
But not us. I have won tens of millions of dollars from betting on sports over my career, so he’s not exactly hurtin’ for money.
I have decided that starting from today, I will no longer charge any money for my picks. I will now give away all of my picks for free!
Welcome to the grand opening of the world’s first free handicapping service. Join below:
Once you join (it’s free), you’ll start receiving all of The Whale’s picks for free.
These are the same exact picks I bet on daily for THOUSANDS of dollars!
Here’s how it works:
  1. Click here and submit in your information on the page to join (it’s free!).
  2. You’ll start receiving all of The Whale’s picks every day for free.
  3. If you end up winning good money from these picks, then all I ask is that you voluntarily send a tip donation with an amount you think is fair.
Tipping is 100% voluntary! I trust that you’ll find it fair to tip if you’re winning.
In our World’s First 100% Free Sports Handicapping Service, you’ll be able to get ALL of my picks for free. All we ask is that you voluntarily tip us if you end up winning.

Click here to join our newest release: The World’s First-Ever 100% Free Sports Handicapping Service! (you’ll get the same picks that I bet on every day)

Remember that I regularly bet tens of thousands of dollars each day on these same picks, so I have no choice but to win. If for any reason you’re losing money on these picks, then I myself is likely losing far more than you are. I can only make money if you are making money, too.
I highly encourage you to join our new release of The World’s First 100% Free Sports Handicapping Service to keep it going for free for everyone! Remember that we’re putting a ton of time and resources into coming up with these selections for you daily. And unlike other services, we do not charge you anything upfront for these picks. We just ask that you voluntarily send a tip if you’re winning.
Now, as promised, I will share with you a free pick today from The Whale’s $21K ticket:
Want the rest of The Whale’s picks today for free? Just click below to join (it’s free!):

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