What’s The Difference Between Touts, Handicappers, And Pro Bettors?

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s results: It was another huge winning day for everyone who tailed me!

Yesterday, I won my max acceleration NHL Round Robin. That one ticket alone paid out nearly $25,000. Take a look below and see for yourself just some of my betting tickets yesterday where I wagered a total of $38,361 on my picks, and ended up cashing out $58,107.87 for a net profit of $19,746.87 in one day:

That’s almost $20,000 in profits right into my pockets yesterday from betting on my picks. That’s literally the kind of winnings you just missed out on by not following me along ​​.

“How does making $20,000 in one single day from doing nothing but betting on sports sound to you?”

In just the last several days, including a day recently where I lost over $23,000, I now completely wiped out weeks of bad breaks, and is now far ahead in profits for the year.

So far in 2018, I’m now up exactly $31,539.11 in profits from betting on sports – all fully verified on The Whale Tracker.

And I’m far from satisfied. Today on Tuesday, I will continue maximum acceleration at 4 units per parlay. You can expect me to bet over $50,000 today on the same picks I share with all paid members.

“How’s that for having your back?”

If I cannot help you win today, I stand to lose over $50,000. There’s literally no doubt that I have to win and to successfully help you win with me, or else I have everything to lose.

If all goes well today, you can expect me to start betting over $100,000 each day in as early as this week.

This leads me to today’s topic on what is the difference between a tout, a sports handicapper, and a professional sports bettor.

You see, it’s important for you to know that I personally bet up to millions of dollars every month on the same picks I share with you because it’s the only sure-fire way for you to know that I have your best interest at heart.

If you’re losing, then I’m also losing, but at far higher amounts. That separates me far apart from other typical touts and sports handicappers you may be aware of.

What’s a tout? – A tout is someone who relies on selling their picks to make a living. Most of them don’t bet on their own games. The irony is that if these touts’ picks are so great, why aren’t they going out there betting millions on their picks like the way I am consistently doing?

The difference with me is that my tens of millions in fortunes were not made from selling picks. They were made from betting on my own picks. And if the sportsbooks didn’t cut me off, I can’t even begin to tell you how much more I could have made from betting on sports. Instead of winning tens of millions, I could have possibly walked away winning hundreds of millions from betting on sports!

What’s a sports handicapper? – A sports handicapper is someone who studies the games to pick out the best value winners. While this is true for me in what I do, it doesn’t paint the whole picture. Handicappers spend time to handicap the games, but they may not necessarily wager on their picks themselves.

This once again begs the question: If these sports handicappers are actually any good at what they’re doing, then why aren’t they going out and betting millions on their picks like the way I do consistently?

Wouldn’t they like to make free money? If the touts and sports handicappers are any good at their job, then it would be foolish for them not to go out and bet the farm on their own picks every day. They’re literally passing up daily opportunities to make free money.

The reason why you don’t see touts and sports handicappers betting millions on their own picks is because they’re not confident enough about winning. Plus: You can’t afford to bet millions if you haven’t already won millions in the first place.

It is impossible for me to bet millions if I haven’t already made millions in the first place. The fact that I can afford this kind of action is a preview of my success.

What’s a professional sports bettor? – The difference with me is that I’m not just a sports handicapper. I’m what you call a professional sports bettor. A professional sports bettor is someone who bets on sports for a living. For 30 years, I have made my fortunes not from selling my picks, but from betting on my picks.

Last month in January I wagered over a million dollars on my picks. I’m on track to bet over a million dollars again this month in February.

And the results speak for themselves: So far for 2018, I’m up more than $30,000 in profits. And I’m not satisfied yet until I can show you a winning streak where I win millions right before your very eyes.

So as you can see, I don’t just talk the talk. I put my money where my mouth is every single day because I’d rather let my action and results do all the talking for me. That’s the difference with me, a professional sports bettor, and others in the industry that are labeled as just simply sports handicappers or touts.

So lock in your premium membership to The Whale Picks today, and you can tail along with one of the biggest and winningest professional sports bettors in history.

For more information about me and the sports betting successes I’ve had for the last 30 years, visit my main page at:


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