How to Win Millions of Dollars from Betting on Sports

I want to reveal to today the key on how to win millions of dollars from betting on sports. Here are the 3 important factors that can make it possible for you to win millions from sports betting:

1. Have the proper bankroll
2. Use proper bankroll management
3. Bet on the right picks

There’s also a 4th factor of finding the right sportsbooks that are okay with letting you bet large amounts without cutting you off after you go on big runs. These days, the sportsbooks place severe limits on how much I can bet, so it’s not so easy or even possible for me to wager $20,000 a way on my Round Robins the way I used to back in the 90’s

I’ve been patiently waiting for the right moment to strike, and right now looks to be the timing window when I could seriously get hot. Today, I want to go on video to alert you that I’m about to ramp up my action significantly to the tune of possibly betting over $100,000 a day starting within the next week. I want to show you what it’s like to bet millions each month from sports, and the rewards that can come out of this action. See todays’ video at the top of this blog.

When The Mirage would let me accelerate to the moon back in the days, I was routinely betting millions of dollars a weekend. It will be nice though to show you a small taste of that these days even with the limits I have.

Yesterday, I cashed out nearly $20,000 on my Super Bowl bets. if you purchased these picks yesterday, then I’m sure you must be quite thrilled with the results!

I’m seriously starting to heat up, and right now looks to be the possible start of my next monster hot streak. If all goes well today, I’m planning to start betting $100,000+ each day on my picks within the next week, and you’ll see proof of all these betting tickets as they come in at The Whale Tracker. I’m truly committed to showing you how it’s possible to win millions from betting on sports, and this upcoming week may very well be the start of something special​.

You see, words alone are cheap. I’m not just interested in sitting back and telling you that I can hypothetically win millions from betting on sports. I’m not interested in drawing up fancy charts and graphs showing you how much you could have theoretically won if all the stars were to perfectly align.

I do things differently. Unlike other typical touts, I’m willing to put money where my mouth is and show it to you live how it’s possible to win life-changing amounts of money from betting on sports when playing at the highest level.

The time has come. This week could very well be the beginning of something pretty wild, and you’ll see it all happen with your own eyes because I’ll be showing you all of my betting tickets as they come in. I truly want to show you what’s possible when I start betting $100,000 a day on sports, and run up the action as the patterns form.

There’s literally no doubt left. None. Zip. Nada. When I have millions of dollars on the line on the same picks I share with you, then I have absolutely no choice but to win, or else I have everything to lose. The only way for me to win is for you to win.

Given the kind of action I’m putting in, it should come without saying that I feels pretty certain about winning for me to do this. Obviously, there’s not a chance on this Earth that I’d be willing to risk millions each month betting on picks that I’m not sure about. No one could possibly be that cuckoo enough in the head to put up this kind of money at risk betting on sports if they aren’t convinced that they will win.

Seriously, would you be willing to risk millions of dollars betting on picks if you aren’t feeling pretty darn sure about winning? No way, no how! The fact that I’m willing to put this kind of money where my mouth is should be a pretty rock-solid indicator to you of just how certain I feel about winning.

I also has a wife and a family. Common sense will tell you that there’s not a chance my wife would encourage me to continue betting millions on sports if she hasn’t seen me win tens of millions over the years.

I have far too many better ways to spend my time and money than to be doing this if I don’t think that I will win. It’s really my big mission now to show you that I can win millions from betting on sports, the same way I’ve done it for so many times over the years. I can’t wait for you to witness it all. So stay tuned. I invite you to closely monitor my action and results in the coming days, weeks, and months to see what happens when I’m playing at high levels.

My goal is to win millions of dollars from betting on sports this year, and I intends to show it all you as it happens. Refer to The Whale Tracker to see the full documented records of all of my picks, betting tickets, and results.

For more information about me and the sports betting successes I’ve had for the last 30 years, visit my main page at:

To your success,
The Sports Betting Whale

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