How I Won Tens of Millions of Dollars Betting on Sports at the Mirage Sportsbook (Full Story)

In the last blog article, I gave you the full story of how I successfully destroyed Bally’s Sportsbook’s profits for the season and then for the year from a weekend of betting on sports. Today, I want to continue that story and reveal to you what happened next.


The Mirage was the place to go for sports betting action back in the 90’s! Steve Wynn wanted to attract the big gamblers to his new casino, and here was my opportunity to strike like a cobra while the iron was hot. Arriving at the window of The Mirage sportsbook, I asked the teller what were their betting limits. Their response was: “$5.”
Obviously, the ticket writer misunderstood me and thought I had meant the minimum limit. So he clarified: “No, what are your upper limits?”
To much surprise, the response was: “I’ve never seen us refuse a bet!”
Wow – I stood there staring at the sportsbook like Copernicus finally discovering the true place of Earth in the cosmos!
In one swift moment, my mind lit up like a pinball machine, and my face suddenly took on the expression of a teenage boy handed the keys to a brand-new Mercedes on his 16th birthday!
I instantly realized that this was my opening, like a quarterback finally seeing the hole of an opponent’s defense. It was at this time when I realized I’ve got the possibility in my hands to make millions in the short future ahead.
After placing my first Round Robin bet at the Mirage, I smiled like a vulture with the first option to a kill. Hours later, I had turned a relatively small amount of cash into over $90,000.  The rest was history. In an instant, I had springboarded into the rarefied big leagues of sports betting superstars able to shift millions in sports in a day.
In the year 1995, the sportsbook at the Mirage was by far the largest sportsbook in Nevada. In that year, the Mirage took in about $150 Million in sports betting action. Out of that $150 Million, a total of about $70 Million in wagers were made by myself alone. My wagers alone accounted for almost half the sports betting action of the largest sportsbook in 1995, and about one-third of the combined action in all the Las Vegas sportsbooks.
I would go on to drain the Mirage sportsbook out of tens of millions of dollars from my sports wagers over the next few years before they’d finally cut their losses and shut me down.

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