How the Sports Betting Whale Destroyed Bally’s Casino’s Season of Profits in One Weekend of Bets!

When I first exploded onto the scene with my Round Robin strategy, I didn’t realize how unusual it was for a bettor to win big money at the sportsbooks starting off from small amounts. While I was used to winning $100,000+ in one single ticket, the sportsbooks in Las Vegas were terrified of this exposure.

At Bally’s when I would go on my big runs, the sportsbook director declared:

“We’re going to change the name of this casino to your name!”

The director joking made the remark to imply how I could to go on to own the sportsbook if I’d keep betting the way I did.

Soon enough, I surged on a winning streak of $100,000 off a small base amount. I didn’t think this was a big deal. But to my shock and surprise, Bally’s sportsbook director confessed:

“You don’t realize what we make over a season. You’ve already wiped us out for the season in a weekend. Now you’re about to wipe us out of our profits for the entire year!”

And just like that, I destroyed Bally’s Casino’s profits in one historic streak. Broken pieces of that winning run still probably lay scattered in their wake somewhere like the wreckage of a plane crash.

I would go on to do it again at other sportsbooks, eventually piledriving some of them into dust. I won over $100,000 at another private sportsbook, effectively putting the final nail in the coffin and closed down their doors forever.

My fame started to spread throughout Las Vegas like wildfire, pushing a handful of sportsbooks to the edge of a cliff. Even the larger sportsbooks such as Caesar’s Palace were deathly fearful of my action after hearing the phones ringing about my sweeping success. I would often sneak into Caesar’s at odd times of the day when supervisors were off, hoping to pass in my wagers under the radar.

That didn’t last long. Soon enough, Caesar’s Palace thwarted my attempts to accelerate and cut my betting limits down to $100.

In my next article, I’ll share with you the next part of the story where I would finally find home to what would become one of the greatest winning streaks in sports betting history. Stay tuned!

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