Why the Sports Betting Whale Is Different Than Other Typical Touts and Sports Handicappers


There are many sports handicappers and touts out there making bold claims on how they can help you make money. But just because someone tells you that they can win, it doesn’t mean that you should automatically believe them. This is how I am different than everyone else.

So if for any reason you’re still in doubt, I want to address it now. Here are the 6 reasons why your purchase is 100% safe:

Reason #1: You’ve seen proof of my past success: Don’t base your decision to buy picks from whoever that can scream the loudest or pound the table the hardest. Base your decision on what matters most: Who has the most impressive winning track record? I have won some $30 Million from betting on sports, making me one of the most profitable sports bettors, ever. You’ve seen actual proof of my past success in some of my winning tickets that have paid out over half a million dollars.

Reason #2: You’ve seen proof of my recent success: My success isn’t only limited to the past. Recently, you’ve seen it for yourself how I won well over $150,000 from betting on sports (watch the video at the top of this email for proof). Every single pick, ticket, and result is fully documented for you at The Whale Tracker. Back in the 90’s when I was allowed to bet $20,000 per parlay, this $150,000 run would have been a $3 Million run.

Reason #3: I put millions of my money where my mouth is: Here’s where I stand far apart from the typical touts out to make money from selling picks. I made my millions not from selling my picks, but from betting on my picks. To this day, I continue to go out and bet up to millions each month on my picks. While other typical touts spend much of their time sitting back and telling you that they can win, I actually go out and bet hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money every week on my picks to show you how I actually win. I stand to lose millions of dollars if I cannot help you win, too.

Reason #4: I don’t need your money: Let’s face it: If I can afford to bet hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each month, then I don’t need your money to survive. I’m doing this because I truly want to help you share in my success. I’m not in this business for the same reasons that other typical touts are in this business for. This is important to consider because when someone relies on selling picks to make money, then he may not be completely honest with you. That’s why you need to be careful about touts: They rely on selling picks to make money, so they may say whatever it takes to get you to hand over your wallet. I obviously doesn’t need your money, so I have no reason to be anything but 100% honest with you.

Reason #5: Your purchase is fully covered by a 60-day money back guarantee: The typical tout in the industry will tell you that if you’re not winning, they’ll extend your subscription and give you more picks. The irony is: Why on Earth would you want more of those? Would you like to have some free diarrhea for dessert after having been served turd for dinner? I do things differently because I’, only interested in you winning. Simply put: We don’t want your money if you’re not winning. So if for any reason you’re not happy or you’re not winning, just simply ask for your money back and we’ll refund your purchase in full. Usually within minutes!

Reason #6: It costs you nothing to start: Today, I’m discounting the premium membership to The Whale Picks for you down to just $1. This will get you all of The Whale’s premium picks for the first 7 days to let you fully test-drive the program before making any final decision on if this is the best investment you’ve ever made. How’s that for taking the risk out of your hand?

So there you have it. There’s now no excuse left on the table.

Lock in a premium membership now at www.TheWhalePicks.com

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To your success,
The Sports Betting Whale

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