My Winning Streak Continues! Here’s How I Won $126,443.38 in 15 Days of Betting on Sports

Yesterday was my 5th consecutive winning day where I was paid out $109,028.76 from betting on sports! Here’s a recap: I won 4 Round Robins yesterday, plus a 2-team NHL parlay to skyrocket up +119.98 in units! Proof of my winnings yesterday is shown below:

Yesterday on the 5th consecutive winning day, I wagered $65,140 of my own money on my picks, and cashed out $109,028.76 for a winning profit of $43,888.76. So far for 2018, I’m up +$83,160.52 in profits from betting on sports. Since December 30th, I’m now up a grand total of +$126,443.38!

“How does making $126,443.38 in just 15 days from doing nothing but betting on sports sound to you?”
And the winnings are all real. Unlike other touts who only sit back and tell you how much they can hypothetically win, I want to let my action do all the talking for me. Every single day, I drive out to the sportsbooks and bet tens of thousands of dollars of my own money on my picks because I want to show you that I can make millions from betting on sports.

Plus, consider how I not only win, but also win with ease. I completely racked the board in the NBA yesterday, winning each and every single pick 8-0. Many of them won by double digits. How’s that for a win rate!?

In just the last 15 days alone, I have profited $126,443.38 from betting on my picks. Know of anyone else who has won well over $126,000 in the last half a month of betting on sports?

And I’m not done yet. Nowhere close! I will continue accelerating hard today to a maximum of 4 units per parlay. If the pattern continues to align, you could very well see me win $200,000 today from betting on sports right in front of your eyes​!

I am a pattern recognition expert who profited tens of millions of dollars based on a sports betting approach that spots, analyzes, and zeroes in on patterns that form. Now, it’s my mission to help you share into my success.

When the patterns do form, I would typically go on 3, 5, 7, or even 10+ day winning streaks and win millions of dollars.

In the old days when The Mirage sportsbook did not limit my action, then yesterday is a day where I could have very well won a million dollars in one single day.

What you’re seeing is me riding the waves and looking to catch forming patterns. I usually win and lose in succession. Once I start to win, I’m bound to go on monster hot streaks to jump up hundreds to thousands of units in a short period. It’s all a part of his mastery in pattern recognition where I zeroe in on forming patterns that typically continue to reel in monstrous-level profits.

For more information about me and the sports betting successes I’ve had for the last 30 years, visit my main page at:

To your success,
The Sports Betting Whale

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