The Sports Betting Whale Explains When to Bet on the Run Line Instead of Money Line in MLB Baseball for Maximum Profits

Watch my latest video today where I reveal how to profit from betting on baseball run lines at:

 Over the weekend, I didn’t hit on the Round Robins, but I continued to put my money where mouth is by betting along on all the plays released.
It’s official: I have now wagered more than $1 Million dollars since the release of The Whale Tracker. From May until today, I have now wagered a total of $1,045,445 on his own picks. Proof of every single betting ticket can be see at
I’m not aware of a single tout who has wagered over a million dollars on their picks over this short time. I continue to put millions of my own money where my mouth is because I know that I’m going to win over time.
On my next hot streak, you can expect to see me win at least hundreds of thousands of dollars within a week’s period once the patterns align.
I know how discouraging it can feel when the patterns are not there. All of the professional baseball handicappers we’re aware of are scratching their heads right now. The top experts on The Picks Buffet have been wrong 70% of the time with their consensus picks since the All Star Break. It is unheard of. These also are people who have long track records of at least winning some money in baseball. This cold spell is highly unusual and will switch.
The key to our round robin approach is to bet small when cold and progress when hot. Start with a clean slate today, and go in minimally on your wagers when I am cold, or sit out entirely. Once I get hot, I will surely alert you to let you know so you can accelerate. My winning streaks tend to last for many days and create huge winnings as we saw from April 21st to June 21st where you literally saw how I won +1,000 units!
Yesterday, I made another in-game wager on the Arizona Diamondbacks. I took the Diamondbacks +3.5 runs when they were down 4 runs for $200 and cashed out $500 when they covered the game on the run line.
I have been making a killing off my in-game wagers, which are historically my highest probability winning wagers, and played an important role in helping me win millions at Pinnacle during a 4-day span back in the 2000’s.
If you have the ability to make in-game wagers, please text ‘INGAME” to +1 (702)-462-1135 and I can discuss with you on how you can start receiving my in-game picks.
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