The Sports Betting Whale Reveals Tips and Strategies on How to Win on Live In-Game Betting

Today I am revealing my strategies on how to win on in-game betting. Check it out at:

Here’s a recap of my July results: I was down over 300 units. However, the straight bets and pick of the day after the All-Star break really helped to offset the losses on the Round Robins. The straight picks were winning at 83% heading into last weekend before patterns broke.

All of my results can be seen at

The purpose of the Tracker is to give you a full overview of my dominance over time. Looking at July only and being down 300+ units seems quite daunting, right?

But that’s small in comparison to the 2-month run between April 21 to June 21 where I was up nearly 1,000 units. The idea of the Round Robin system is that you’ll go on hot streaks that dwarfs the cold spells. The Whale Tracker is designed to give you the big picture and let you see just how much units you can be up when I get hot, as opposed to whatever we may lose during the cold spells.

When the patterns align and I am riding the right waves, you can expect to be up hundreds to thousands of units that quick. For proof, just check out the picture below to see how I cashed out $154,094.90 from one single bet made in August during preseason football:

Preseason football is right around the corner. If history is any indication, I’m primed to go on a huge run this month. A majority of my million-dollar runs have happened in August. That’s because the combination of preseason football and the 2nd half of the baseball season comes together to create a perfect storm for monster runs.

You’ll see that I wager on the same picks he shares with you every day. On the fully documented record, you can see that I am still up in units overall since the release of the tracker. And if you consider my run from April 21 onward, then I’m way up. That’s because from April 21 to April 24, I took a little over $7,000 and turned it into more than $134,000 – all of which is not reflected at all in the tracker because we didn’t release it until May.

Last month, I wagered a total of $354,860 on my picks. Overall, I have already wagered millions of dollars on the same picks I shared with you since February. I know of literally no other touts in the business who’s willing to bet millions of dollars on their own picks like what I have done and will continue to do. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Period!

If I am not 100% certain I will win over time from betting on my picks, then there’s not a chance I’d be betting millions of dollars on them. I put my money where my mouth is because I know that I’m going to win. I literally has a million other better things to do with my time and my money than to be handicapping and betting on sports if I wasn’t sure that I’m going to be way up at the end of the ride.

I can’t wait until you see my monster winning streaks firsthand for yourself. ​I have gone on many million-dollar runs in the past, and I can’t wait until I prove it to you once again as it happens.

All the best,
The Whale

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