What Is a Whale in Gambling or Sports Betting?

A Whale is otherwise known as a high roller. Whales are gamblers who wager large amounts of money.

The term Whale originates from poker where inexperienced and small bettors are typically called fish. A Whale, in comparison, is someone of far higher caliber and who wagers much larger amounts.

Typically, the Whales mainly gamble in casino table games. I’m one of the very few Whales whose forte is betting on sports. I only wagered in the casino as a way to promote myself as a crazy casino gambler. That way, I could get the sportsbooks to give me higher limits.

The sportsbooks are often hesitant to give high limits on sports betting because they know that sports betting is a game where a sharp bettor can gain the edge over the house. That’s what I’ve been doing for 30 years, winning millions of dollars on many years, totaling about $30 million in winning profits throughout my betting lifetime.

Back in the 90’s when I was allowed to accelerate as hard as I wanted at the Mirage sportsbook, I was routinely betting millions of dollars on sports in a weekend.

I remember playing on the same table with NBA stars and celebrities at the Mirage. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman, Will Smith, among others. Interestingly, I was betting more money than they did!

To my knowledge, I was the largest sports bettor in Nevada back in the mid 1990’s. The only ones I’m aware of who wagered more than I did were the Japanese and Chinese high rollers.

Whales usually receive lavish comps from the casinos to bring them to gamble on their floors. Back when Shadow Creek was an invitation-only golf course for celebrities, athletes, and casino Whales, I was routinely invited to play at Shadow Creek given my status as one of the biggest Whales in the casino.

The difference between me and other Whales is that while other Whales usually gamble for the entertainment, I do it to win. The Mirage ended up cutting me back after I won millions of dollars from their sportsbook from betting on sports.

Since then, I’ve had many million-dollar runs thwarted because the sportsbooks are afraid of my action once I get on a run. When Pinnacle would let me bet at higher limits, I won $4 million in 4 days.

I’ve never even thought about selling my picks before. I’ve shared them with friends and family, but never considered selling them. When I would bet millions of dollars a weekend, it seemed irrelevant to even think about selling my picks for small change.

These days, I don’t have the ability to accelerate the way I used to because the sportsbooks place strict limits on my action once I get hot. That’s why I’ve finally started sharing my picks with you.

I don’t just share my picks with you. I bet on the same picks myself because I know that over time, I always win out. There’s a reason why the sportsbooks in Las Vegas are not open to take any action I want to put down.

Come to my website at www.TheWhalePicks.com to find out more about my story. You’ll discover how you can join my premium membership and wager along with one of the biggest and winngingest sports bettors in history!

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