How I Won over $50,000 in Two Days of Betting on Sports

I have now chained together two triple digit winning days in a row! I was up +130 units on Friday, and +127 units yesterday for a combined +257 units within a span of just two days!

Every single one of my Round Robins yesterday cashed out at either 2 of 3, 3 of 4, or 4 of 4 for a net total of +127.2 units in one single day. I cashed out over $47,000 yesterday alone on his picks – all from starting out with just a little over $7,000 from 2 days ago.

Today, continue accelerating hard again. I will be betting the maximum allowable amount that the sportsbook will let him wager on every single one of his Round Robin picks today. Here are my betting tickets today:


If I win again today, I expect to be capped out on my betting limit tomorrow, and will have to start spreading his action around by wagering at multiple sportsbooks in order to bet the amounts I really want. In the old days at the Mirage, I was allowed to accelerate my hardest and bet millions of dollars a weekend. These days, no sportsbook in Nevada allows me to wager anywhere near the amounts I really want. I now rely on betting at multiple sportsbooks for the maximum allowable amount when I get hot.

My picks should have a progressive bankroll amount against the units, so the unit dollar amount will be higher as we progress. Today we will have the fully replenished and higher bankroll in play across all sports. For example if you had $1,000 that you can continue to replenish, that amount should be over $2300 today from yesterday’s wins. You would use the new $2,300 as the amount to apply the units to.

If you had a $1,000 total that you can’t replace, then this would be based on the $200 you started with yesterday plus the winnings from yesterday which should have been approximately $230. You will be investing $430 today on these plays. That’s how the progressive system works, and how we’re able to win a lot of money in a short period of time when applied properly.

In this video below, I discuss my money management strategy in greater details:

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