How The Sports Betting Whale Turned $4,000 Into $16,062.34 In Just One Single Day On April 5, 2017!

I started the day looking to bet $4,000 on Minnesota Twins money line and the Twins/Royals Over 8.5. Unfortunately, the sportsbook flatly refused to let me bet $4,000. They grudgingly allowed me to bet a maximum of only $2,000. So I went ahead and made a bet for the maximum limit of $2,000:

After making my bet, the sportsbook immediately changed the line. The odds on the Twins were +101 and the odds on Over on the game was -110. After my bet, the sportsbook moved the Twins to +103 and the Over to -120. I didn’t care: I went ahead and made yet another maximum-limit $2,000 wager on the new odds:

What you see above is literal proof that I alone have the power to single-handedly change the lines at a major sportsbook!

I am now in for $4,000 so far on these two tickets. The result?

Two easy winners! From these two tickets, I was paid out $7,750.90 and $7,370 for a total of $15,120.90. I then used this “house money” to wager on three more Round Robins:

I have now ballooned my bankroll to $16,062.34!

Within just one single day, I turned $4,000 into more than $16,000 from betting on baseball!

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